Adaptogen Apple Pie Kombucha 12 pack

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RAW Kombucha. Shipped COLD from San Diego, California.  FREE SHIPPING 👇

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Adaptogen Apple Pie Kombucha. Ripe apple, lions mane mushroom, creamy vanilla and a touch of cinnamon. 12 pack of 16oz cans. RAW KOMBUCHA – Shipped COLD from San Diego, California! 



Orders placed after Wednesday might not ship out until the following Monday. We try to ship our booch earlier in the week for optimum freshness, so it is not held up on the weekend!

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33 reviews for Adaptogen Apple Pie Kombucha 12 pack

  1. Kay L

    New favorite!! I’ve been fillling up with Apple Pie for years at TapShack in ocean beach. They finally canned it! I’m so excited!

  2. Nicole M

    So good tastes exactly like an apple pie.

  3. Bill D

    Hope this isn’t just a seasonal and sticks around. really good

  4. Shay R

    Join the text club & get free shipping.

  5. Tap Shack

    I love this flavor. Chris had great customer service and answered all of my questions thanks Chris!

  6. Jessica S

    New favorite! I can only get it at the shack or online please start stocking stores with this!!

  7. Jim B


  8. Kimmie T

    Enjoyed this over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Insanely delicious

  9. Jen T

    The best

  10. Chris S

    Love this flavor so much

  11. Nelly P

    Not just a seasonal flavor like I first thought! It’s so so good and refreshing! Just ordered my 4th pack!

  12. Jessica R

    Best time of year to drink this!

  13. Sierra Mae

    Creamy & delicious. Much healthier option than my usual go to cream soda

  14. Thomas S

    Tastes like a Julian apple pie

  15. Chrissy H

    Favorite flavor of all time

  16. Karen

    My review is for customer service!! I had a couple of questions about shipment and keeping the kombucha cold. Chris was super great and quick with answering my questions. Everything tasted amazing!

  17. Anonymous

    Chris is hot. Booch daddy

  18. Dana

    Brought this to thanksgiving and it was a hit

  19. Joel

    Love the lions mane mushroom add.

  20. Kayla

    Perfect addition to my daily routine. Look forward to it after my workouts

  21. Tay

    I stopped drinking for the holidays and this gives me just enough “buzz” with the bubbles and it’s something pretty to hold at all of the holiday parties! Sometimes you just need to have something awesome in your hands 🙂 thanks tapshack!

  22. A

    Keep this all szn long pls!!

  23. Travis

    TapShack is the best 🙂

  24. Paula Y

    This was a huge hit at our Christmas party! We made a sangria with it, so good!

  25. Mateo H

    It literally tatste like an apple pie in a can. The lionsmane was a such a bonus too

  26. big t

    Superior booch. Not too sweet

  27. Katy

    Bought this for my yoga students. Everyone loved it

  28. Hannah

    Hopefully the owners see this! Love you guys love your booch and miss tapshack. Wish I didn’t have to move away but happy I get to order these cans to feel a little more at home. OB love for life

  29. Lee

    Mushrooms? Nuff said

  30. Stephen T

    The apple pie flavor is spot on. Just the right amount of tang too! Even if you don’t like kombucha. You’ll like this kombucha

  31. June

    love this flavor really takes like apple pie

  32. Derek

    Who on earth would want to drink liquid apple pie? It me.

  33. James

    Love the shrooms. Y’all were doing shrooms before shrooms were shroomin

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