Matcha-Ade Kombucha 12 Pack

(22 customer reviews)


12 Pack Matcha-Ade Kombucha. 16oz cans. Matcha, Lemon, Blackberry.


12 pack of 16oz cans Matcha-Ade Kombucha. Matcha, Lemon , blackberry. Light crisp and refreshing!

22 reviews for Matcha-Ade Kombucha 12 Pack

  1. Jesse P

    Yum! Matcha + kombucha!

  2. Sam S

    Never had a matcha kombucha, so yummy!!!!

  3. Julie B

    Love it! Thanks for the quick shipping! love tapshack!

  4. Jordana W

    The Best. I drink one daily!

  5. Hannah H

    Good energy Booster that’s not coffee, I like to have them in the morning. its very tasty and bubbly

  6. Jimmy L

    Good Kombucha and quick shipping

  7. Chris S

    A better Ice tea lemonade

  8. Kim h

    Great flavor combo, I tried this on tap at their downtown location and was so excited I could order more online!

  9. Betty U

    Matcha booch! So happy to know I can have these stocked in my fridge at all times!

  10. Henry

    Bubbly and not to sweet, these are great!

  11. Leah G

    Great customer service

  12. Gloria C

    Love the tea forward flavor. Super refreshing and energizing. I’m sensitive to caffeine and this flavor is drinkable for me

  13. Cassie C

    Matcha is the star of this flavor but the lemon and blackberry are great additions that make it taste unique and exotic.

  14. Jesus G

    Good stuff

  15. Jemma P

    Love it

  16. Sam T

    Nice mellow flavor. Love the matcha and lemon combo! Nice little energy boost as well

  17. Sara T

    All time fave! I like my flavors a little more mellow and tea forward so this is the perfect combo for me!

  18. Becky A


  19. Ryan C

    Definitely the most underrated flavor. Doesn’t have all the foooo fooo vibes just straight to the point and delciious.

  20. Eric L

    I’ve been drinking one of these a day for the last 2 weeks and I’ve truly never felt better.

  21. Kim

    Super refreshing during summer

  22. Tam

    Healthy Arnold Palmer vibes , amazing

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