Frequently asked Questions

Yes! We can sell to your home, office, bar or restaurant & have both kombucha & cold brew coffee available. Please shoot over an email at

or give us a call @ 619-663-5184

All of our colors come naturally from different fruits, superfoods, spices, etc.  No artificial coloring ever.

TapShack Kombucha is considered non-alcoholic.  However, kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, a natural byproduct of the fermentation process.

Our kombucha is raw with living bacteria & yeast. The cold temperatures keep them less active & from fermenting further.

Yes. Available at our shack in Ocean Beach. Come see us! 2232 Sunset Cliffs Blvd, Ocean Beach, Ca 92017.

Yes, we love reusable containers! The less waste the better. Just make sure they are clean & ready to be re-filled.
Our selection of flavors at the Ocean Beach tasting shack rotates frequently.
Yes, we craft our own cold brew coffee & serve it on nitro at the Ocean Beach tasting shack. Also available in kegs, just email us at

Yes!  Try up to 4 flavors per flight.

tap the taste

Raw Kombucha Brewed With Real Fruit

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