Ocean Beach: ONE YEAR LATER!!!!

How it all started…

Hey guys! In our previous post, How One Night Changed Our Lives for Good, you guys read about how our next door neightbor Liz invited us over to brew kombucha and how she gifted us our very first SCOBY! This is where it all began! Kombucha was the source of so many deeper connections that evening- with our neighbors, with our community, and with each other- and this was an experience that we wanted to share with as many people as we could.

Fast forward….

So Chris & I set off on a crazy kombucha journey. With little to no money, we knew we would not be able to get a brewery together first thing, but we could not let that reality stop us. So we were inspired to venture out and search for the best, local, micro batch kombucha to serve on as many taps as we could possibly buy. The drive to share a healthy product paired with the passion for our community, led to the creation of TapShack. It isn’t just about the taps to us, but it is about the entire interaction and experience that we share with our community- creating a family beyond just the product.  

Owning a small business has changed our entire perspective about community. From the good times to the bad, we now understand how impactful shopping local and supporting small business can be. We find ourselves giving extra love to our favorite local shops and making deeper connections with the owners and employees of these businesses- because first hand we see how this kind of support can make a difference.

One year later………   

Our vision for TapShack has grown much larger than we ever thought possible. Now a year later, we are inspired not only to serve, but also to create- by going straight to the source: our local tea providers, farmers, juicers, etc. In order for us to remain committed and true to our Local Craft Liquid, we’ve decided to make a change by additionally offering in house product, unique to us, that is directly connected to our local farmers. It brings us immense joy to see how all of the kombucha brewers that we have met along the way continue to blossom and we are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of their stories as well. 

 Chris and I have learned so much by listening to our customers and working the front for the past year.   We are so ready to share what we’ve learned by creating the tastiest product available, all while continuing to spread all of the love and joy that comes with it. We now look forward to stepping into our roles not only as kombucha providers, but creators. This is the beginning of a new chapter for TapShack and we thank everyone for being a part of this ongoing journey.

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