Sober is the New Black?


Whether you are stone cold sober, indulge frequently, or if you just flat out like to party, this is a great read for everyone!  Discover some reasons for this generational shift.  

1.  You can wake up without feeling like a truck ran over your head.  Let’s face it, hangovers are just not cute.  Some of our bodies just do not align with alcohol, and guess what- that is ok. The best part is that this is our choice! We choose how we want to wake up when we order one too many drinks.  When you get to experience an incredible morning of waking up fresh & clear-minded, it makes it hard to ever want to”choose” to feel that way again.  

2. You can live in the moment, leading to deeper connections.  Alcohol can be quite impairing when it comes to socializing.  On the contrary, the thought of actually remembering details & being able to carry on a conversation sharply can be quite attractive! So attractive in fact, that people are opting out of drinks- allowing them to build more meaningful relationships. 

3.  You can increase your levels of production. When we aren’t consuming alcohol, we allow ourselves to fully show up and give 100%.  These days people are prioritizing their well-being and wanting to improve their lives long term.  Through more healthy habits such as exercise, being out in nature, meditating, etc.- they are doing exactly that! With more energy we are able to tackle our goals head on and move through life more efficiently.

4.  You can become more aware of your body and what it needs.  Cutting out alcohol can lead you to developing healthier habits in all aspects of your life.  The “high” that you start to feel from feeling good may also lead you to look into cutting out additional things that make you feel not so good- such as food, toxic people, etc.  

5.  You can experience happier thoughts.  Alcohol is a depressant.  This means that alcohol impairs and slows both physical and psychological activity.  By reducing its intake, you are directly increasing your chances at happiness & elevating your mood state. 

6.  You can establish a more profound presence.  Alcohol can act as a comfort blanket to many of us in social situations.  We make ourselves think that with alcohol, we become more likable! But what if we told you that as long as YOU like YOU, alcohol really plays no role in how people accept you.  Once you are able to  powerfully show up and step out of your comfort zone, your social anxieties may just melt right away.   

7.  You can find healthier ways of dealing with life conflict.   Many of us use alcohol as a coping mechanism when we would rather escape than face our problems head on.  When you choose to no longer use alcohol as a crutch, you realize that there are better ways to deal with conflict when it arises in our lives.  

8…. Okay we know we only said 7 reasons…. but the 8th one is obvious.  Come indulge in a guilt-free, hangover free, delicious, healthy alcohol alternative- TapShack Kombucha!

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