BEWARE: This May Ruin Hot Coffee for You Forever

TapShack Cold Brew Coffee is always served “On Nitro”, and we want to tell you why!

Let’s first start with..What is Cold Brew Coffee?

With TapShack Cold Brew Coffee, the skin of the bean is not heated.  This results in a less acidic and less bitter coffee brew.  Even when not “on nitro”, cold brew coffee tends to be smoother in taste yet rich in flavor.  TapShack allows the coffee to brew for 17 hours.  Since the coffee has longer time to brew, the end result is a higher caffeine concentrate.  Instead of having to drink multiple cups of coffee, cold brew is usually a one-and-done deal.  

Now.. What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

TapShack infuses the Cold Brew Coffee with nitrogen, which basically means that there are thousands of tiny bubbles pumped into the Cold Brew Coffee.  The nitro adds a rich texture and gives the cold brew a creamy and velvety finish, without having to add cream or sugar.  Often nicknamed the “Guinness” of coffee, Nitro Cold Brew is both frothy & delicious.  

Since Cold Brew Coffee on Nitro is so delicious on its own, it may be a healthier way to feed your caffeine addiction- no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or creamers required.  

Try a TapShack Nitro Cold Brew Coffee today and see for yourself! Cheers!

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