Non-Alcoholic Beverage Trends Expected in 2020

2019 took us all on an epic beverage journey.  Find out what to expect in 2020!

Savoury Profiles/Fermented Flavor

As trends move further away from “sweet”, we are noticing a rise in more savory profiles.  People’s pallets are widening in range to include more acidic and fermented foods.


People are wanting more out of their food and beverages.  We want to know what we are putting into our bodies and the benefits.  We feel more connected to our beverages when we know that what we are consuming is having a positive effect on our health. Trends such as CBD, collagen, probiotics, etc, are on the rise as a result.  

Plant-Based Alternatives

Seen as a huge trend, especially on the Southern California coast in 2019, plant-based alternatives are projected to be on the rise in 2020.  Driven by changes in diet preferences and an increase in concern for animal welfare.


2019, also known as “Year of the Plastic Straw”, made huge waves when it comes to sustainability efforts.  However, that is only the beginning.  Companies are becoming more conscious of the way their products are packaged.  Driven by concern for the environment and passion for change, 2020 will continue in efforts to become more eco-conscious in the consumer world.  

Bring it on 2020!

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