TapShack 2019: A Year in Review

WOW 2019 has been an incredible year for TapShack.  We are so grateful for the growing tribe of TapShack supporters- we love that you love TapShack Kombucha & Cold Brew so much and it our mission to continue brewing the best tasting and highest quality brews possible for all to enjoy.  We cannot wait for the upcoming year- there will be so much to celebrate and share.  The end of 2019 has consisted of a ton of changes for us and hard decsions that will push us to grow and evolve like never before.  

Here are some highlights from the year, in no particular order:

– Celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary in Ocean Beach with all of our customers, family and friends! TapShack is born and raised in Ocean Beach, San Diego and we could not be more proud to be a part of this community.  We cannot believe how quickly 2 years has flown by!

– Expanded our growing and evolving TapShack team.  It has been so fun to add to our family and watch them create relationships with customers.  

– Perfected our brews:  This took a lot of time, patience, and listening to our customers to achieve!

– Added our TapShack merchandise:  This year we finally have a full-time availability swag!  From shirts, to hats, we are stoked to see TapShack merch out on the streets!

– Featured in news stories:  Our favorite is the latest write up about TapShack in the West Coaster Magazine- touching on our plans & goals for 2020!  Thanks West Coaster!

– Acquired Boochcraft’s original brewing tanks! TapShack now has the opportunity to brew more Kombucha than we ever have before- it also is an incredible & humbling feeling to be using the same tanks that Boochcraft brewed in!

– Upscaled our kombucha production.  We outgrew our Pacific Beach location in less than a year and are so excited to be brewing in Barrio Logan moving forward.  

– Earned some of our first wholesale clients.  We are so grateful to be serving a select group of clients and cannot wait to expand our wholesale in the upcoming year!

– Ditched straws and got sippy lids instead!  This one we knew our customers would be stoked about and although we still offer paper straws, our customers now have some options!

The highlights far outweigh the hard times but we got to be transparent with you guys! This year has for sure had its fair share of challenges:

– Overcame a lot of our fears.  Change is always scary!  Growing can also be scary but we try to never let our fears overcome our mission.

– Worked longer hours than ever before- 8 hours a day just doesn’t seem to cut it! (at least for Chris and Amanda lol)

– Worked harder than ever before!  We have learned so much this past year but it did not come easy- a lot of trial and error and learning from mistakes.  

– Outgrew our Pacific Beach location and had to make the decision to close it- We wish we could do it all but it was necessary choice for growth! 

Things to expect from TapShack in 2020: 

– TapShack willbe launching our wholesale program officially for restaurants, offices, and homes.  

– TapShack will soon be available by bottle in your nearest grocery stores!

– TapShack’s Ocean Beach location will continue to grow, evolve, & remain the main hub to find all TapShack brews!

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