From Craft Beers to Craft Booch

San Diego is home to the craft beer scene. What can we say?  We love local, handcrafted beverages.  If you are a fan of craft beer then you may be a fan of kombucha, even if you may not realize it yet! Kombucha has been branded in the past as a “trend”, only to be enjoyed by hipsters & yogiis – BUT – you may be surprised after giving it a try!  At TapShack, we can honestly say that Kombucha is a beverage enjoyed by people from all different walks of life AND we even have the stamp of approval from our veteran craft beer drinkers! 

Cider // Sour // Saison Craft Beer Fans:

As a lot of Kombucha drinkers know that Kombucha has a distinct tang due to the fermentation process.  With the addition of fruit and extracts, a lot of the tang can be quieted down, but for those cider, sour and saison craft beer fans, the tang is something to be admired!  If you are a fan of any of these craft beers and haven’t tried Kombucha yet, come on into TapShack and give it a shot!  

IPA Craft Beer Fans:

If you are an IPA fan, we recommend trying Kombucha with Hops!  The similarities in flavor may even leave you with a placebo effect (but don’t worry- that feeling is just from the natural high from the B Vitamins packed in Kombucha).  Here at TapShack, we have a Dry Hopped Pamplemousse Kombucha from Whalebird as well as a limited time, tribute to Sculpin, Kombucha.  Come on in to the tasting room and give them a try!  

Sometimes we all just want to enjoy the taste and experience of beer on tap, but do not want the accompanying bloat or headache.  If you are looking for a beer alternative, Kombucha may be the drink for you!  



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