How Serving Kombucha & Cold Brew on Tap Reduces Food Waste

Howdy folks!

As a lot of you may know, or some may not, food waste is a huge issue in our world today.  The US alone is responsible for throwing away at least 50% of all food produced & while we would love to go into the details, our mission today is to share how we hope to curb this statistic by serving our beverages on tap! 

When we first started we were unsure at the number of customers we would be seeing on a daily basis, especially since we were new kids on the block, no one knew about us, and we were serving all cold beverages at the start of winter season.  We did not want to be serving a product that would potentially have to be thrown away everyday due to lack of consumer, so we wanted to choose our product wisely.  

In this day and age, there is an exceptionally high standard for freshness- especially when it comes to our coffee.  While this is an amazing thing for consumers, it leads to a ton of food waste to keep up with the standards.  For example, cafes potentially waste gallons of coffee a day just to keep the pot fresh and to avoid oxidation that may lead to changes in flavor.  The goal is for the first cup to taste just as delicious as the last!

With kegs, we are able to maintain freshness by packing the cold brew in the keg with nitrogen gas- allowing zero oxygen to make its way in the keg and resulting in a consistent quality in flavor from the first cup to the last.  

& BOOM! Less waste, & more love being poured into every single cup! 

At TapShack, we are not afraid to take the more unconventional route if it means staying true to who we are! Come try a fresh cup of nitro cold brew coffee on tap today!

Cheers <3 

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