How One Night Changed Our Lives for Good!

Where it all started…

Chris and I have a deep love for our San Diego beach towns, from Ocean Beach all the way to Oceanside, the sea gives us a sense of hope, happiness, & peace and we absolutely LOVE that we are able to be so close to it. The sea may have brought us to Ocean Beach, but the people and sense of community are why we choose to stay.  

Years ago, our next-door neighbor Liz invited us into her home for the evening to hang out. She recognized we were having a day full of bad luck and wanted to make it better, being the kind human she is! She had just moved in so we were sitting on the floor in the kitchen playing games with sticks & quarters, laughing, and telling stories. Since she just moved in we didn’t have the distraction of TV or furniture and we just enjoyed authentically getting to know one another! Eventually I saw her open a bottle of kombucha that looked different than the bottles I had seen in the store. That’s when she let me know it was her own home brew! I tried a sip and fell in love and was eager to learn how to start a brew in our home as well. We spent the rest of the night brewing kombucha in our crystal crowns and at the very end she gifted us our very first ever SCOBY. Liz cared for her SCOBY like it was a pet! She would touch it lovingly and when it came time to cut a piece off for us, she did it so delicately, almost as if she didn’t want to hurt it <3 It was only later that we learned that SCOBY’s truly are “living” forms of matter and we developed the same love for our little piece that she gave us! 

Liz gifting her SCOBY to us was like she was sharing a piece of her heart! To keep your mother SCOBY alive and healthy takes time, diligence, patience, attentiveness, love, and care. Who knew a simple evening could teach us so much about life?! 

From that time on, we spent date nights experimenting with our home brews and shopping our local farmers markets for ingredients. At first we drank our kombucha because it tasted so damn good but after quite some time we actually started to notice the improvements in our health as well. 

This is where it all began! Kombucha was the source of so many deeper connections- with our neighbors, with our community, and with each other- and this was an experience that we wanted to share with as many people as we could.

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