Meet the TapShack BoochMobile

For the past couple of years, Chris and I have been using my car from high school, a tiny four-door, to transport all of our work belongings.  Lets just say this has not been the most efficient, but its what we’ve had to do to get the job done!

Finally, we came across the perfect TapShack BoochMobile!  She’s a rare 67′ Chevy Sport Van, with an Inline 6 & 3 on the tree. We have always loved Volkswagen vans and admired the Tansits, but to get our hands on an American Classic Car, was an unexpected dream! She is the perfect match.  Just like TapShack, the BoochMobile is a little rough around the edges, but filled with lots of love & character!  She’s rusty & dusty but we wouldn’t have it any other way!

There truly is no better feeling than cruising the cliffs and being able to see 180 views with her huge windsheild!  We also love that she has a short nose, you literally feel like you’re on the edge when you’re sitting in those seats. Lastly, we love the energy we can feel & harness with that massive engine sitting right between us!! 

Chris has especially always loved classic cars and to be able to incorporate another passion into TapShack has been so fun!

Just like the shops, we hope to improve her step by step and can’t wait for all of you to be a part of another DIY journey.  Keep an eye out for her traveling between Pacific Beach & Ocean Beach and give her a honk/wave!  If you snag a pic, tag us @tapshacksd and hashtag #TapShackBoochMobile to be featured on our social media!

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