Top (3) Places to Bring Your Kombucha on a Hike in San Diego

Something about Kombucha just GIVES US LIFE! Whether its the natural effervesence, unique flavor, or the fact that it is packed with vitamins- kombucha energizes our bodies and awakens our senses! 

HELLLLOOOO (that is what my body literally says when I take my daily first sip of booch)

This after effect of drinking Kombucha has inspired us to create our top (3) places that we love to hike in San Diego!

#3- Cowels Mountain

Further inland, but not too far inland, Cowels Mountain is the perfect amount of challenge for our personal taste! With a decently-sized, steady incline- the only incentive you need to finsih this hike is the view from the top!  On a clear day you’re able to see all the way to the coast! You may even be able to spot TapShack if you look hard enough!

#2- Torrey Pines

Torrey Pines has almost everything we look for in a hike! The perfect combination of coastal views with forest-y trails.  You can even hike directly down to the beach and walk back parallel to the waves as the sun sets! 

#1- Sunset Cliffs

Of course we had to leave the #1 spot for our hometown and birthplace of TapShack, Ocean Beach.  Sunset Cliffs truly lives up to the name, with cliffside trails where you can walk along the ocean with your booch in hand!  TapShack is located directly on Sunset Cliffs Blvd, making it super easy to stop in on your way for a Kombucha! 😉

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