Pacific Beach: Transitions To Brewery w/ Limited Hours

Hey, TapShack here! 

There is one thing that we’ve always considered as a business priority: transparency. When we take a big leap or action, we want to be upfront and visible with you guys explaining why and reassuring that our actions are consistent with our values.

Recently we’ve been placed in a pickle that left us with really, one choice.  As you guys know, we have been working tirelessly and enthusiastically to develop our very best TapShack Kombucha line.  The response has been overwhelming and we are so incredibly grateful for the support that we’ve been shown! 

However, we did not anticipate these growing pains so soon! Our demand is outweighing our supply and with only (2) of us running the show here dabbling in a third location to brew is just not an option for us right now (we like to take things slow and grow only as much as we can without taking out loans, having investors, etc.)  

So that means being faced with a decision to either completely maximize our brewing capacity in our 350sq ft shack in Pacific Beach where we currently brew or to stay stagnant (which is not aligned with our values as a company and therefore not an option for us!).  

Resultantly, the TapShack Pacific Beach location will remain open weekly as a tasting room, every Tuesday & Friday for cups to go & growler refills at the discounted price!!!! At this location, we will be specially offering brews just for PB & you guys will be the first to taste them.  Doesn’t get much more fresh than that! 

In the interim, we will be fully extending our Ocean Beach location hours to meet all of your kombucha x cold brew x acai needs at all different hours of the day (coming Spring 2019).  

Thank you all for continuing to support TapShack!  This is a journey and learning experience for the both of us and we thank you for being a part of our story.  Just remember, its not always about the end destination, so enjoy the ride 🙂

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