TapShack MicroBrewing- A Story of Evolution

From home brews to microbrews, TapShack is the epitome of an evolutionary brewery.

 Fueled by our passion, we are eager to continue learning and growing.  We strive to compete only with ourselves, constantly trying to outdo what we’ve done before. Our proudest moment has been being able to serve our community, family, & friends our very own TapShack brews.  

When it comes to brewing, TapShack is governed by (3) core values.



Innovation has become our obsession.  We believe that the key to our success is to never settle.  We continuously strive to discover new flavors through different brewing techniques, flavoring techniques, and ingredients.  If you’ve been to TapShack then you know that there is always something new to try!  


It is TapShacks intention to go above and beyond quality expectation through small batch brews and integrity in ingredient sourcing.  From our sustainably sourced tea, even down to the water that serves as our base, there are zero short cuts here.  We believe that with our most important ingredients- patience & love – anything is possible!


From day one of opening TapShack we have been committed to our craft & customers by listening, learning, and evolving.  We are committed to the culture that is TapShack and its truly become our lifestyle.  

We promise as a company to stay true to these values that govern what is, TapShack MicroBrewing.


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