The Value of Tea According to TapShack

Here at TapShack we strongly believe with every. single. ounce. of our being, that at the source of great kombucha is great tea.  What is great tea? 

Kombucha is like a domino effect, with tea and water at the start of the line.  Cutting corners on these ingredients to increase productivity and decrease costs is something that we see as the demand grows.  

But quality ingredients entail more than just a a great taste.  Quality to us, speaks to values and ethics as well.  We believe in Mother Earth and the relationship of both give & take.  In order to receive beautiful, mineral rich, aromatic, well crafted tea leaves- we must entrust in the Earth from which it grows.  Which leads us to our reasoning behind supporting our local tea providers, whom support regenerative agriculture practices.  

Regenerative agriculture is an approach to farming that prioritizes the health and vitality of the soil from which everything grows.  In turn, the results aim to increase biodiversity, enhance ecosystems, and regenerate topsoil. Sounds great, right?  Well for a lot of larger farms this practice sounds costly and timely- which is why they are usually less abundant in ideology and moreso abundant in pesticides and GMOs.   

Before TapShack, we had no idea how crucial good farming practices are in sustaining our Mother Earth & we are eager to keep learning! We hope to link our drinkers more directly with growers through providing product that supports these kinds of practices, such as our house-made kombucha. 



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