TapShack Owners Take a Big Leap

Our names are Amanda & Chris and we are TapShack! Chris and I are locals to Ocean Beach and a life where we both live and work in OB seemed like a far away dream just 3 short months ago.  

We often get questions like what inspired TapShack? To be honest, the yearning to start our own business together became so strong eventually that we literally could no longer bare our office jobs. We wanted to work for something that lit our worlds on fire! Both Chris & I worked for an exceptional technology company.  We knew that we were “set” there for life- but that was the exact idea that inspired us to leave.  

What does it mean to be “set” to you? Is it money? Is it security? Over time we learned that to be “set” to us meant personal freedom, happiness, and we knew that we could create all of those things together for ourselves. We realized that we could not do that under the security blankets of a 9-5.  

So when we saw the space that is now TapShack come up for rent, we took a huge leap!  We stopped worrying, we looked past our fears, we risked it all, and we quit.  Chris and I had no savings, but knew that if we wanted more money, it was up to us to create it- to manifest.  We spent the next couple of months hustling harder than ever before- taking up local part time coffee shop jobs, selling our belongings online, attending swap meets, exchanging hard labor for pay, etc. Slowly but surely we were able to build what is now TapShack- and we did it all debt-free.  

The intention of this blog post is to say that it is totally worth it to give everything up in order to gain everything in return.  This is what life is all about people- shake things up and chase your dreams.  TapShack believes in you! 

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