9 Reasons to Drink Kombucha E V E R Y D A Y

Alright folks, TapShack has officially been open for business an entire month!!!! What this also means is that I have been drinking the Kombucha that we serve on tap every single day (multiple times a day) for an entire month!  I have been downing this stuff like holy water and let me tell you, Kombucha is SO much more than just a trendy drink.  I wanted to share the side effects that I have personally experienced along with some evidence-based health benefits. Here is what I have discovered:

1) I used to crave beer after a long days of work- now I crave a tall, cold glass of booch!  Why? Because after I drink a glass of Kombucha I feel amazing & totally guilt-free! Kombucha leaves me feeling less bloated, energized, “light”, and happy.  That’s right, I literally feel happier just knowing that I treated my body to such a healthy elixir.  The carbonation of Kombucha is insanely refreshing and the effervescent bubbles  leave a fresh & clean vibe in my mouth every time! Last but not least, this stuff tastes amazing.  Kombucha is defined as a slightly carbonated, fermented tea in which different spices / fruit juice/ etc may be added.  There are so many different flavor ranges– from the bold, tart mouth puckering flavors, to the sweet, fruity, smooth flavors- there are so many different options out there. Now here for the evidence-based health benefits of booch:

2) Supports a healthy gut (our guts contain about 80% of our immune system)

3) Acts as a powerful antibacterial & anti-oxidant agent (especially for the liver)

4) Promotes disease prevention 

5) Low in sugar (only about 4-6 grams per 12oz serving)

6) Serves as a rich source of probiotics which in turn, improves inflammation, aids in digestion and even weight loss

7) Enhances energy through slight traces of caffeine and high traces of B Vitamins & Iron (gives the boost without adverse side effects)

8) Enhances mood through B Vitamins  (Has been proved to reduce stress, increase positive feelings, battle depression, & stabilize mood)

9) Reduces “bad” cholestrol (LDL) –  increases “good” cholesterol (HDL)

There you have it! Personal testimony & evidence based research shows that Kombucha is basically magic in a bottle. Have you ever had Kombucha everyday for a week? For a month? We would love to hear about your experiences!

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