Ditch Iced Coffee & Grab a Cold Brew With Us Instead

Do you know that iced coffee is literally a batch of hot coffee that is placed back into the fridge to cool?  At the end of the day when a coffee shop shuts down, a lot of the time the old coffee left in the hot pots is placed back into the fridge overnight and served as iced coffee in the morning. That is almost as gross as re-heating eggs! YUCK. I don’t know about you guys, but whether my coffee is hot or cold- I want that shit FRESH!

Here is why you should drink Cold Brew:  

Lets talk ACID.  No, not the fun kind- coffee bean acidity is the opposite of fun and can totally ruin your drink. Did you know that when coffee beans are heated, the hot water actually pulls out the oils carrying acid? Cold brew coffee has up to 65% LESS acidity compared to regularly brewed coffee. The result is a much smoother taste- so smooth that the majority of people actually enjoy drinking this stuff black! Go figure. 

The taste of Cold Brew is highly superior to that of regular iced coffee.  Cold Brew has a higher concentration of both caffeine and flavor, without the bitter elements of coffee.  Each batch involves TLC.  The process to make cold brew takes much more time and attention to detail unlike coffee, which is usually brewed within a matter of minutes.  

Here is why you should drink Cold Brew AT TAPSHACK:

Obvious reasons to start your your day off with a cold brew at TapShack is 1) You get to come see us and we are guaranteed to put a smile on your face (Chris & Amanda)!! 2) You are not only getting cold brew, but you are getting it poured FRESH and ICE COLD from a keg.  So much better than from a bottle!  It is literally an experience unlike no other. You also have the chance to customize your cold brew with additives such as milks or sweeteners.  3) You get the chance to not only get a Cold Brew, but a NITRO Cold Brew as well.  Why go Nitro?  Nitro Cold Brew has been known as the “Guiness” of Coffee.  This stuff pours out so smooth, so rich, so creamy (without any creamer wtf), so frothy- you cannot go wrong with this! Scared to commit? Swing by and grab a taster!

Moral of the story:  DITCH THAT ICED COFFEE, grab a QUALITY coffee drink- COLD BREW, & grab it at TAPSHACK. 

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