TapShack calls Ocean Beach, San Diego home- and so do we. There is no other place that we feel we fit in better- both in business and personally.  Being here is like jumping in a time machine back to the 70’s where you’re surrounded by a culture that supports small town beach living.  It is what we consider to be one of the few authentic beach towns left- and we pray that through local culture it continues to thrive this way.  Not a day that goes by that we don’t see an artist, a yogi, a hula hooper, a musician, a surfer, a skater, a VW bus, or a glass of Kombucha!  You can truly become whoever you want to be here- we wanted to become TapShack.  

We have been so inspired by the continuous battle that Ocean Beach has fought against big businesses opening down here.  Despite the “free love” environment, OB makes it is loud and clear that there is no love here for corporate entities. I mean, why would there be?  OB has thrived throughout history off of supporting local business.  We here at TapShack have a deep respect for the authenticity and originality of OB and strive to be a positive contribution to the existing culture. 

Being able to both own and operate has been an incredible experience.  For us, it is about more than just meeting customers- it is about getting to know our neighbors.  Lotus St (our cross street) has some of the most friendly and rad people that we have ever met!  They welcomed us with open arms and have quickly become like family.  We want to continue to bring the “neighborly” vibes and have our fellow neighbors greeted with familiar faces- for those who are not neighbors, we hope to provide a unique experience that leaves them feeling warm and welcomed- this is what OB is all about! 

Thank you to those who continue to support local- there has been no greater joy to us than making Ocean Beach our home in both life and business.  Stay weird & cheers friends!

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