Why do we care?

Having the opportunity to operate a business close to the beach means also having the ability to make decisions that can directly make an impact on our ocean, whether that be positive or negative.  There are always ways to implement more ocean minded practices in our daily lives.  Here at TapShack, we do our best to stay educated and aware.

What can we do?

Valuing our ocean means translating those values to our business. That is why all products offered at TapShack are vegan.  Why?  For our ocean!  Waste produced from animal agriculture is a leading cause of ocean acidification and pollution.  If TapShack has any chance of reducing that impact, we will take it!

Here at TapShack we additionally offer affordable glassware to reduce the use of plastic.  We structure our glassware so that our customers only have to pay for the bottle one time! After that, they can bring their bottles back for refills at a lower price.  We hope that this creates incentive even for those who may not be as environmentally aware as others.  

Pro Tip:  Have excess glassware or growlers at home that are collecting dust?  Bring ’em on in!  We will fill ANY glassware to reduce the use of plastic near our oceans.

The intent of this blog post is to remind both ourselves and others that no amount of effort is too small when it comes to reducing negative impact on our environment.  Whether it be cutting down on animal product, investing in glassware, or picking up a bottle cap on the beach. Let’s do this together!  We are the change~



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