Mix pack Kombucha 12 pack

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RAW Kombucha. Shipped COLD from San Diego, California.  FREE SHIPPING 👇

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 12 pack of 16oz cans. 3 cans of Mango Mojito & 3 cans of Night Surf 3 cans of Cosmic Ginger and 3 cans of Matcha-ade. RAW KOMBUCHA – Shipped COLD from San Diego, California!



Night Surf – Creamy coconut, juicy lime and a touch of activated coconut charcoal.

Cosmic Ginger – Tangy passionfruit, ginger, fresh lime and butterfly pea flower

Mango Mojito – Juicy mango, fresh mint, lime and a boost of blue spirulina

Matcha-ade – light refreshing, tea forward booch with fresh lemon juice and a touch of blackberry


Orders placed after Wednesday might not ship out until the following Monday. We try to ship our booch earlier in the week for optimum freshness, so it is not held up on the weekend!

Weight 12 kg

38 reviews for Mix pack Kombucha 12 pack

  1. Shane T

    all were delicious, shipped one day late but good communication from tap shack

  2. Shannon R

    Good Kombucha

  3. Tanner G

    Loved the mixed pack! Perfect for our camping trip

  4. Lesli A

    Good combo of flavors, you get a few of each and that’s cool!

  5. Cash T

    Best booch around shipped right to your door 5 stars!

  6. Atalanta g

    Great verity of flavors if you can’t choose just one!

  7. Chris D

    All I can say is that this is by far the best kombucha out there!

  8. Tam F


  9. Lars N

    Great gift my friend surprised me
    With! Wish they had a monthly subscription to make ordering more easy

  10. Madi T

    So damn good

  11. George S

    Wow. Love these flavors!

  12. Jodi O

    Oh, I drink a lot of kombucha and wanted to see what the hype was all about. Did not disappoint. TapShack’s amazing

  13. Anonymous

    Got this kombucha to share with my mother-in-law who loves to drink it she said it was the best kombucha she’s ever had definitely will be buying again!

  14. Peter S

    Wanted to find a healthier alternative to drinking soda and I found it with TapShack Kombucha.

  15. Kayla

    Will buy again

  16. Barbara J

    Great customer service! I had a question about my order and got an answer back within 24 hours. Great product but their customer service is really what makes me want to buy again. Thanks Chris!

  17. Puja A

    Carbonated with great flavor

  18. Lena

    I visited this place when I took a trip to San Diego. I was so sad to leave but when I found out I could order it online and get it shipped straight to my door. I’ve been a customer ever since! I love, TapShack.

  19. Sam S

    If you love kombucha, this is a must try. I feel like it’s more flavorful than most brands and low sugar which is a huge bonus, plus added superfood in all the flavors is great too!

  20. Kristie A

    I drink one a day and it makes me feel great!

  21. Jimmy N

    Quick Shipping , great product. Already ordering more

  22. Sammy

    Great stuff. Took a little bit longer to arrive than I hoped but I love the cosmic ginger

  23. Tanya t

    This stuff is addicting and I love it

  24. Lisa S

    Love all these flavors! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next!

  25. Len H

    Drinking these make me feel like I’m back in San Diego at the beach! TapShack is the best

  26. Yasmin R

    The perfect bev to take camping, we ordered two mix packs, and they were all great. Took them to big bear for the weekend.

  27. Peter p

    Matcha-ade was my fave , they are all really tasty

  28. Olivia C

    Great non-alcoholic drink

  29. Hailey S

    All flavors are super balanced. Nice variety of flavors and combos

  30. Pam D

    Amazing flavors! My best friend sent me a mixed pack for my birthday and I loved every single one of them!

  31. Sabrina M

    Love the mix pack!

  32. Melissa P

    So good! Thank you!

  33. Teresa C

    Love this stuff. So refreshing. The passionfruit is definitely the star of this flavor! Will be buying again!

  34. Gio S

    Mixed pack is the best becusse I get to try a variety of flavors instead of just sticking to one.

  35. Carly L

    I always get the mix pack because you get a little bit of everything! Highly recommend!

  36. James P

    Got to try the new flavor Apple Pie. Love the mushroom addition.

  37. will

    why choose one when you can have them all!

  38. Sammy B

    Good verity of flavors, Wish it had the apple pie flavor in it tho

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