Mango Mojito Kombucha 12 pack

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RAW Kombucha. Shipped COLD from San Diego, California. FREE SHIPPING 👇

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Mango Mojito Kombucha. Fresh mint, juicy mango, lime and a touch of blue Spirulina. 12 pack of 16oz cans. RAW KOMBUCHA – Shipped COLD from San Diego, California! 



Orders placed after Wednesday might not ship out until the following Monday. We try to ship our booch earlier in the week for optimum freshness, so it is not held up on the weekend!

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26 reviews for Mango Mojito Kombucha 12 pack

  1. Xavier S

    Best booch in all the land

  2. Shannon A

    Love the color, Super refreshing too

  3. caitlan M

    Shipped quick and tasted great. Love the Mango mojito flavor the mint is very refreshing!

  4. Ollie V

    I used to stop by Tapshack in Ocean Beach. I moved to Arizona and am so happy I can still get my mango mojito fix! taste just like it is poured fresh from the tap!

  5. Jess P

    Re- ordering now! holy moly is it good 🙂

  6. Sam D

    very very good. the perfect amount of sour sweet and bubbles, will try the coconut one next!

  7. Terry V

    Mango mojito is my new favorite kombucha, it was hard not to drink and right after the first! my family loves it!

  8. Gary L

    very good

  9. Leslie C

    Wow such a unique flavor!!! kids are a big fan too

  10. Elijah M

    Perfect balance of acidity & sweetness that I look for in a kombucha

  11. Tyler F

    So dang delicious.

  12. Lucas S

    Love this flavor. It mimics a traditional mojito without the alcohol or overdone sweetness. It’s minty, mangoey (if that’s a word) and it has the bitterness of lime that helps bring it all together. Super rich not watery.

  13. Liz C

    Fizzy and fresh

  14. Anna B

    I love that this kombucha is canned and ready to drink. I used to brew my own at home but it’s hard to keep up with.

  15. Ashley P

    Pro tip: garnish with fresh mint and a slice of lime. 10/10

  16. Charley B

    So refreshing on a steamy day!

  17. Hannah G

    Not going to lie I bought this just because of the can design. Love your artwork!

  18. Brian M

    Light and easy drinking. Be careful, you might finish the whole 6 pack in one day

  19. steve I

    Love bringing this flavor to share with friends. Even ones that say they don’t like kombucha drink this

  20. Rj L

    Really good

  21. Tammy p

    Just received my order and the kombucha is incredible. Such a unique, tasty flavor! Love the color too!

  22. Alexa T

    Yum! Five stars!

  23. Chris T

    Super refreshing. Bubbly and minty! Great for party’s if you don’t feel like drinking booze !!

  24. Sav U

    Only complaint is that you don’t offer a subscription! Please start?

  25. Luna S

    Favorite company!! They donate 1% of sales to 1% for the planet.

  26. Alara S

    My favorite!

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