Night Surf Kombucha 12 pack

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RAW Kombucha. Shipped COLD from San Diego, California.  FREE SHIPPING 👇

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Night Surf Kombucha. Creamy coconut, juicy lime and a touch of activated coconut charcoal. 12 pack of 16oz cans. RAW KOMBUCHA – Shipped COLD from San Diego, California! 



Orders placed after Wednesday might not ship out until the following Monday. We try to ship our booch earlier in the week for optimum freshness, so it is not held up on the weekend!

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38 reviews for Night Surf Kombucha 12 pack

  1. Crissy T

    I purchased after a friend recommended, THE BEST DRINK IVE EVER HAD!

  2. Josh B

    Absolute fire. Night Surf is my all time favorite

  3. Jesse S

    The ultimate hangover cure, love these and order weekly!

  4. Dan B

    great product

  5. Alex J

    FAVORITE TAPSHACK FLAVOR. Please never stop canning this. I used to live close by but now I have to get my booch fix online. Whenever I take a sip I feel like I’m back in San Diego. Love you guys

  6. Carlos G

    I drink Night Surf because of the way it makes me feel and flavor. Best kombucha

  7. Victor B

    Tastes like vacation in a can. Coconut is a hard flavor to balance and TapShack has done it with Night Surf

  8. Shelby Lee

    Coconut anything is a winner

  9. David S

    Drink poolside with friends on a hot summer day. Your welcome

  10. Kendall B

    If you’re into Piña coladas or tropical flavors this is your pick

  11. Jade Z

    Hangover cure 100%

  12. Sarah K

    I’ve been drinking this flavor for years and it just keeps getting better.

  13. Nixie G

    The charcoal is a really cool add and not overdone. I’ve never seen that I a drink before, super cool and unique

  14. Francesca B

    So happy to see you guys selling online! I moved away and miss visiting TapShack on the regular to get my growler fills. If you live in San Diego you have to visit and try samples! If not this is definitely the next best thing.

  15. David G

    Don’t sleep on this kombucha brand!!

  16. Kyle S

    Best kombucha

  17. Frank B

    5 stars..

  18. Danny D

    Literally a hangover cure in a can. The activated charcoal is magic

  19. Roberta M

    Super good, will be ordering other flavors to see what they are all about!

  20. Miles M

    Best coconut drink on the market! I’m a coconut addict and it doesn’t get much better than this! Well done

  21. Amanda N

    By far the best kombucha I’ve ever had.

  22. Jasmine G

    My order was damaged during shipping and Chris found out what happened with the carrier right away & emailed me right back. I offered to pay shipping again on the new order and he told me he would take care of it and got my new order shipped out next day!

  23. josh

    my go to cure after a long weekend

  24. Heather C

    Favorite flavor by far!

  25. Chris

    Holy hangover cure batman

  26. Mary

    I love your kombucca:)

  27. Irina

    Hands down best kombucha you’ll ever drink. Please make an alcohol version!!!

  28. Josh S

    The best coconut drink I’ve ever had.

  29. Jeff

    Superior booch

  30. Tammy

    I buy this monthly for my open houses (real estate). Always a hit and I frequently get asked where I got it! Support local.

  31. Harry

    Never have surfed at night but this charcoal coconut lime delicious dark drink of delicious sure makes me want to. See you on the waves

  32. Autumn Parkridge

    Great package 😉

  33. Carrie

    Insanely delicious

  34. Susan G

    Hands down the best flavor of the planet. Night surf is the best!

  35. Cici

    Two words. BOOCH FLOAT. Scoop of coconut or vanilla ice cream with this? Heaven

  36. Annemarie

    Insanely delicious.

  37. Cynthia

    Best in the west

  38. Cici

    Best kombucha in the world and I’ve tried a lot

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