Why do we care? Having the opportunity to operate a business close to the beach means also having the ability to make decisions that can directly make an impact on our ocean, whether that be positive or negative.  There are always ways to implement more ocean minded practices in our daily lives.  Here at TapShack,

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OB Local

TapShack calls Ocean Beach, San Diego home- and so do we. There is no other place that we feel we fit in better- both in business and personally.  Being here is like jumping in a time machine back to the 70’s where you’re surrounded by a culture that supports small town beach living.  It is

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Ditch Iced Coffee & Grab a Cold Brew With Us Instead

Do you know that iced coffee is literally a batch of hot coffee that is placed back into the fridge to cool?  At the end of the day when a coffee shop shuts down, a lot of the time the old coffee left in the hot pots is placed back into the fridge overnight and served

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9 Reasons to Drink Kombucha E V E R Y D A Y

Alright folks, TapShack has officially been open for business an entire month!!!! What this also means is that I have been drinking the Kombucha that we serve on tap every single day (multiple times a day) for an entire month!  I have been downing this stuff like holy water and let me tell you, Kombucha

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TapShack Owners Take a Big Leap

Our names are Amanda & Chris and we are TapShack! Chris and I are locals to Ocean Beach and a life where we both live and work in OB seemed like a far away dream just 3 short months ago.   We often get questions like what inspired TapShack? To be honest, the yearning to

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