1 Year in Barrio Logan

One year ago we took our biggest risk to-date.  TapShack made the decision to expand from our 300 sq ft brewery in Pacific Beach to our 4,000 sq ft brewery in Barrio Logan.  When we saw the big barn door open, a dream flashed before our eyes.  Where most people saw an old abandoned dirty

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5 TapShack Kombucha Cocktail Recipes

 Did you know…. …That TapShack Kombucha tastes amazing in cocktails? Kombucha is a great alternative for a mixer that is low in sugar.  The tart, fizzy composition makes it the perfect compliment to any cocktail.  Try something different with our (5) TapShack Kombucha cocktail recipes below!  Also find a bonus recipe at the bottom featuring

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TapShack 2019: A Year in Review

WOW 2019 has been an incredible year for TapShack.  We are so grateful for the growing tribe of TapShack supporters- we love that you love TapShack Kombucha & Cold Brew so much and it our mission to continue brewing the best tasting and highest quality brews possible for all to enjoy.  We cannot wait for

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Non-Alcoholic Beverage Trends Expected in 2020

2019 took us all on an epic beverage journey.  Find out what to expect in 2020! Savoury Profiles/Fermented Flavor As trends move further away from “sweet”, we are noticing a rise in more savory profiles.  People’s pallets are widening in range to include more acidic and fermented foods. Functionality  People are wanting more out of

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BEWARE: This May Ruin Hot Coffee for You Forever

TapShack Cold Brew Coffee is always served “On Nitro”, and we want to tell you why! Let’s first start with..What is Cold Brew Coffee? With TapShack Cold Brew Coffee, the skin of the bean is not heated.  This results in a less acidic and less bitter coffee brew.  Even when not “on nitro”, cold brew

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7 FREE Things to do in San Diego This Summer

7 Ways to Ball on a Budget this Summer in San Diego 1. HIT THE BEACH- Need we say more?  Grab a TapShack Kombucha and feel Southern Cali AF sipping your booch on the beach.  Some of our favorite beaches are La Jolla, Mission Beach, Pacific Beach, & Ocean Beach.   2. FOOD TRUCK FRIDAYS AT BALBOA

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Sober is the New Black?

7 REASONS WHY SOBER CURIOUSITY IS ON THE RISE  Whether you are stone cold sober, indulge frequently, or if you just flat out like to party, this is a great read for everyone!  Discover some reasons for this generational shift.   1.  You can wake up without feeling like a truck ran over your head.

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Why We Freaking Love Farmers Markets

Who knew Tuesdays & Wednesdays could be so much fun? Every Tuesday:  Pacific Beach Farmers Market// Bayard St. x Hornblend 2pm-7pmEvery Wednesday:  Ocean Beach Farmers Market// Newport Avenue 3pm-8pm We love everything about farmers’ markets and feel especially grateful to be conveniently located next to (2) of the best Farmers Markets in San Diego.  Farmers

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Dogs of TapShack

#DOGSOFTAPSHACK If you’ve been to TapShack, you already know that four-legged friends (or 3 or 2) are happily welcomed! Chris actually wanted to be a veterinarian when he “grew up” and even worked at a vet hospital for 5 years! Chris, Amanda, Cait, and Chloe all have furry best friends at home so it is

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Meet the TapShack BoochMobile

For the past couple of years, Chris and I have been using my car from high school, a tiny four-door, to transport all of our work belongings.  Lets just say this has not been the most efficient, but its what we’ve had to do to get the job done! Finally, we came across the perfect

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