Top (3) Places to Bring Your Kombucha on a Hike in San Diego

Something about Kombucha just GIVES US LIFE! Whether its the natural effervesence, unique flavor, or the fact that it is packed with vitamins- kombucha energizes our bodies and awakens our senses!  HELLLLOOOO (that is what my body literally says when I take my daily first sip of booch) This after effect of drinking Kombucha has

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Pacific Beach: Transitions To Brewery w/ Limited Hours

Hey, TapShack here!  There is one thing that we’ve always considered as a business priority: transparency. When we take a big leap or action, we want to be upfront and visible with you guys explaining why and reassuring that our actions are consistent with our values. Recently we’ve been placed in a pickle that left us with really,

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TapShack MicroBrewing- A Story of Evolution

From home brews to microbrews, TapShack is the epitome of an evolutionary brewery.  Fueled by our passion, we are eager to continue learning and growing.  We strive to compete only with ourselves, constantly trying to outdo what we’ve done before. Our proudest moment has been being able to serve our community, family, & friends our very

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The Value of Tea According to TapShack

Here at TapShack we strongly believe with every. single. ounce. of our being, that at the source of great kombucha is great tea.  What is great tea?  Kombucha is like a domino effect, with tea and water at the start of the line.  Cutting corners on these ingredients to increase productivity and decrease costs is

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Ocean Beach: ONE YEAR LATER!!!!

How it all started… Hey guys! In our previous post, How One Night Changed Our Lives for Good, you guys read about how our next door neightbor Liz invited us over to brew kombucha and how she gifted us our very first SCOBY! This is where it all began! Kombucha was the source of so

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Fun Things To Do In San Diego California During Fall

Technically, it still feels like summer! (Well it always does in San Diego) Even though its getting darker earlier, there are still plenty of things to do around San Diego at this time of Year.  1. Go take a walk around liberty station. Liberty Station features a multitude of venues to choose from, including both outdoor

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How One Night Changed Our Lives for Good!

Where it all started… Chris and I have a deep love for our San Diego beach towns, from Ocean Beach all the way to Oceanside, the sea gives us a sense of hope, happiness, & peace and we absolutely LOVE that we are able to be so close to it. The sea may have brought

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